Big Dutchman’s  Composting tower commissioned in Vietnam

Big Dutchman’s Composting tower commissioned in Vietnam

Big Dutchman has successfully installed and commissioned for its customer a new vertical manure composting tower called CompoTower in Vietnam

Composting provides poultry farmers a profitable solution to what used to be an expense to remove manure from the poultry farm. The project is up and running for two months and is showing satisfying results.

The customer is “particularly happy with the payback time of less than two years”, Big Dutchman says. Besides composting, the customer invested in a Big Dutchman manure dryer called OptiSec to manage his manure efficiently.

Jaap ten Have, business development sales manager at Big Dutchman Asia, describes this achievement as follows: “We are extremely delighted to give our customers a profitable solution to their manure problems. It has been on top of our wish list for quite some time now. With successful installations elsewhere around the globe, it was a healthy challenge to make it workable in a tough tropical climate and we are proud to deliver such a great product to our customer. Next to composting, we are offering more environmental solutions such as manure dryers, pelletisers and even air cleaners. Our benefit is that we integrate all our products to work seamlessly together from equipment to climate and buildings as well. The combination of hardware, software and services complement each other perfectly.” 

Ten Have continued by saying that “organic fertiliser is a fast, upcoming market. Governments are pushing for organic and sustainable fertiliser and what better way to do so by utilising existing poultry manure”.

CompoTower Features

Vertically enclosed high-quality fermenter for manure and separated slurry

CompoTower is a vertically, enclosed highquality fermentation system which evaporates the moisture in manure and slurry through a high-temperature fermentation process. The CompoTower process transfers organic waste into a high-quality compost which is applicable as high-value fertilizer for different plants and crops.

The aerobic fermentation method results in a final product which is germ-free and allows an easy control of exhaust air and odour. The stand-alone CompoTower has minimum space requirements, thus giving the user great flexibility in farm layout design.


  • continuous working process;
  • reduced operation time;
  • compact design with a high intake capacity;
  • enclosed system leads to minimal odour and dust;
  • stable and rugged construction;
  • use of high-quality, durable and longlasting components;
  • outdoor installation that requires little space;
  • stainless steel loading bucket;
  • heat insulated tank with inner lining made of stainless steel;
  • optional air cleaning system can be integrated.